Friday, April 19, 2013

Sex and Gasoline

Yesterday a young boy approached me as I walked Leia and asked if my condo building was one, giant house. I was able to see on his face that he was hoping it was, and that I was a secret hero currently in a mild-mannered disguise.

I told him the helicopter pad was on the roof and occasionally Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Fallon drop in with as many attractive women that can fit in the chopper and we spend the night driving go-carts in the indoor track. Then orgies. Lots and lots of orgies. He didn't know what an orgy was, so I glossed over that topic. Then I told him we were hiring junior butlers, but he rode off on his bike.

As I continued the dog walk, I looked at the building and envisioned it as one huge mansion. Fuck yes, I'd have an orgy go-cart room.

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