Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DC via Chicago

It's not like I needed another reason to say goodbye to the Cubs, but today they traded Derek Lee to the Braves.  The funny thing is I'm not even that sad about it.  My hatred for the Braves only grows, but the Cubs have made my transition to Nationals fandom even easier.

I've been living here in DC for nearly ten years.  It's about time I start calling it home.  Go Nats.

And I've already been a Capitals fan for the last two seasons.  

Football is a different story.  I'm still trying to convince Lynette that we should name our first born child Sweetness.


Good luck.  Godspeed.  Go Bears.


Lynette said...

I don't think any fellow Cubs fans would be upset if you take the Nats under your wing. But we must remain Bears fans. "The Super Bowl Shuffle!" "Da Bears!" "Saaysages" - the freaking coldest winters evar! We have earned our stripes as midwestern football fans. Bears all the way.

ezabeta said...

The Twins have been my "favorite" team on my MLB At Bat application for around four months now. Not because they were winning, but rather because I was still getting surprised when I found out they lost a game. I went home for a week in August, and didn't see a Cubs game. First time in years I skipped Wrigley in summer. Good thing too, cause I think the game I had debated going to was the one where they were pummeled by the Brewers. Ugh.
I look forward to not expecting the Cubs to win. Then I can be pleasantly surprised.