Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Food Matters CSA

Community Supported Agriculture.  It's something Lynette has been researching for a few years and we found one very close to home.  Right down the street, in fact, at a neighborhood restaurant called Food Matters

For roughly $20 a week we get an assortment of organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables which changes with the seasons.  As an amateur chef (aka dude who likes to cook) this gives me an opportunity to seek out new recipes and cook with a variety of ingredients I otherwise would not think to use. 

This week's zucchini, sweet corn, and red bell peppers were amazing.  Quality and flavor like this cannot be found in a grocery store.  I'm not sure what to do with the Serrano peppers and sweet onion - a salsa perhaps.

Here's the blog for the Food Matters CSA.  From here you will also find links to other food conscious blogs and books. 


Max said...

I suppose 'Boobs Matter' will also have to offer some sort of organic offering in order to stay competitive.

Lynette said...

What would that be? ooooo, I know - - - Edible underwear! LOL

Max said...

organic edible underwear!

Chris said...

Maybe you could make the organic edible undies out of home-made pasta!

Lynette said...

Wait, I thought we were talking veggies? Back to the books!

(or boobs, whatever.)