Thursday, August 19, 2010


We hung this in our kitchen three years ago and haven't touched it since. Today it fell on me for absolutely no reason. I was making coffee and whistling that song from the cantina scene in Star Wars.

Lynette is kind of freaked out about this story.  Because the nail holding this up and the twine on the back of it was perfectly intact.  To remove this thing would require a lifting up motion.  And the windows were closed so that rules out wind gusts.  The item is something that was given to me long ago as an instrument to scare away evil spirits. 


Max said...

He's sick of hearing that same song over and over.

"Any requests from the audience?"
"Play that same song!"
"Play that same song? Ok, here we go!"

Lynette said...

Max - don't make fun! This freaked my shit out!!!!

When I got home last night, the wooden idol was on the counter and I asked Jason, "What happened?" and he replies, "It hit me. It fell off and hit me." We hung that up there three years ago - it's always been in our kitchen where ever we've lived as a good omen or catcher of good and to ward off evil. - and off all the moments (there are 24 hours in a day) to fall off the wall and make contact with Jason - well, let's just say we don't spend a lot of time standing in that spot making coffee. The push pin wouldn't budge when I touched it, and the string on the back wasn't broken. There is no logical reason it fell. What does it all meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn? I want answers damnit! :-)