Friday, August 27, 2010

The Candy Politic

This is me: Talking about politics is like trying to decide which color jelly bean is best.

When people ("people") say they are not happy with the direction this country is headed what exactly does that mean?  Because I have an idea what that means, but my idea might offend.  Considering the "people" who are giving this response I'm sensing a fear of sentimentality. (Yes, that is a loaded word.)

And where were these "people" when Bush started an unauthorized, pointless war?  Where were these "people" when Katrina landed on New Orleans and WE, the United States of America, allowed its citizens to suffer and die while we watched on TV?

If the direction of our country is headed away from that, well, thank God.

Red.  The best color jelly bean.  (That's enough politics for one day.  Go ride a bike or kiss a girl or write a poem - you know, ACTUAL important things in life.)

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