Thursday, May 3, 2012


This God of yours keeps throwing chairs in the way as I chase him around the house.  The bus pulled up at the bus stop the other day, except I didn't realize it and stood there for a long ass time before boarding, neighbors watching me through the windows as I waited for an imaginary second bus.  "What the heck is he doing?" And of course there's the countless times I have to pick up my dog's shit as cars drive by: "Ew, ew, ew," they seem to mutter.

I will admit that religion is difficult for me.  I jumped (back) into Christianity about a year ago like the hot Krispy Kreme sign was lit.  I prayed for two things  that year and both came to be.  I won't dare say my prayers changed the course of history, but I also won't discount the coincidence.

Look, I appreciate the tiny moments in life that remind me to stop being an asshole and get my head out of my ass, but I have doubts.  Significant doubts about God and/or religion.  I guess it's not so much the concept of God I have a problem with, but rather His fans I find repellent.  But can a person call himself a Christian if he does his best to avoid other Christians?

Wait, that's not what I meant.  In general, I like people.  I enjoy working in downtown DC and using public transportation and being part of the fabric of an eclectic array of humanity.  I just don't like self righteousness or traffic.

I don't care about opinions.  And I'm suspicious of interpretations.  The Bible is an amazing document, but it is not perfect.  And it is not rigid, as many would like us to believe.  I find religion to be deeply personal.  I have no problem being vulnerable, but in order for me to remain fascinated with something I have to be able to continue to question it.

Can I be a Christian and challenge Christianity simultaneously?  Or am I to check my blind faith at the door?

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