Wednesday, May 2, 2012

She's Batman

Since this is Lynette's first Mother's Day ever (!) I have decided to lavish her with gifts.  Blaming our parents for our poor decisions in life seems to be a popular thing to do nowadays.  However, last time I checked, humans ain't perfect.  We can't expect our moms to be as equipped as Batman to meet the world's growing number of challenges.  Moms do their best.  Sure, your best might be different than my best, but perception is the hidden pickle in your Big Mac.  With that said, Lynette is the perfect mother, no foolin.'  

Jokes aside - if there was a mother fight (patent pending) Lynette would win. Like Batman.  Her utility belt is amazing.  And our son James is the luckiest little boy ever born to a human female.

There's a reason why James is so awesome.  It's her.  In the eleven months since his birth I have been delighted by James' personality and praying that he inherited our "good"  traits.  So far my whiny, impatient, egotistical nuances seem to be absent from Baby James.  Instead, he's just like his mother.  Thank God.

So I bought my son's mother a Honda Pilot and a Macbook.  Expensive yes, but still not enough.  Never enough.  Lynette works so hard at SiriusXM and then comes home and works so hard as a parent.  And in the end never complains.  Ever.  Like Batman.  

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