Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Cryptid World According to Joe

I had an interesting discussion with my dad last weekend about ghosts, aliens, and Bigfoot.  According to Grandpa Joe,  aliens exist, Bigfoot does not, and ghosts are nothing but elaborate pranks and stunts created to raise "millions of dollars" for "these guys on TV."  The only thing I was able to convince him of was his high level of skepticism.  But I guess that's how the world works, no?  We can't prove a thing, so we sell faith.  Love, moon landings, Chicago pizza vs. New York pizza - these are the seeds of new religions.  And even though Grandpa Joe will not even consider for one second that there might be a species of primate undiscovered roaming the forests of North America, he will go to his grave convinced that Chicago pizza is the only pizza and that flimsy bullshit they make in New York is garbage.

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