Tuesday, April 3, 2012

E'erbody's Buyin' Banjos!

If you're not careful hanging out with me may cause you to run home and buy a banjo.  Or a guitar.  I don't quite fancy myself a musician yet considering I can't quite seem to get out of the beginner stages of these instruments, but after last week's visit from our good friends from Minneapolis it turns out those fine folks got home and quickly obtained one banjo and one guitar.

I never really considered myself an influential character.  I'm more the following type.  But apparently my desire to be a musical person has rubbed off. I suppose it doesn't hurt that Lynette can pick up her guitar and make up an impromptu song about Marcus and his imaginary childhood horse to great aplomb.  

Congratulations to Marx and Elizabeth on their new purchases.  

1 comment:

ezabeta said...

Every time I have seen you (since the very first time) I have found myself doing something I never thought possible for me. I think it's splendid. Thank you.