Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Old Man in the Park

An argument often made against time travel is that if some day we somehow figure out how to do it, why haven't we been visited by someone from the future?  And my reply is we have.  Or, How do we know we haven't been visited by future people?  Maybe in the future time travel is controlled by strict international laws prohibiting the divulging of time travel to people in the past.

On Sunday, Lynette and I decided to go on a picnic in the park in our neighborhood.  We laid out a blanket and had lunch.  Mom, Dad, Baby, and Dog. At some point during our lazy Sunday picnic I noticed an old man sitting on a bench looking in our direction.  I remember him because he had with him the exact same grocery cart we use, which is not a typical looking grocery cart.  After about an hour or so he shuffled over to us and said we made quite the "idyllic tableau."  I thanked him and he walked away.  Then I had a quirky thought:  That old man might have been me from the future.  Maybe last Sunday's picnic will grow to be a memory I look back upon fondly.  Fondly enough to want to travel back and see when I become an old man.

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Chris said...

This is really sweet. Was the old man wearing a Caps hat and an Andy Hunt tee?