Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tee Vee

So, the television.  Here's what I've been watching:

Parks and Rec has been on a hiatus (because the people who like Community for some reason cried and cried and cried until NBC finally said, "Fine, here's a few episodes. Now shut your cry holes."  Parks and Rec is a wonderful, funny, charming show that has easily bumped The Office from my favorite Thursday night TV show.  (The Office is nothing without Carrell.)

Game of Thrones is back.  Thank God.  And it's AMAZING!  If you're not watching it then you're a moron and should have your television privileges taken away.  Just sayin.'  You're missing some of the best dramatic performances available today.  Of course, if you don't like swords and castles and dragons, etc. then it might not be for you.  On the other hand, it's got tons of sex and nudity and gore and Peter Dinklage being a bad ass.

Mad Men is back and so far this season has been "meh."  It was Dullsville until the most recent Peter-centric episode.  Nobody wants to see douchebag Don Draper not act like a douchebag.  (I predict a return to douchebaggery for Draper toward the end of the season.)  Because even though Megan is increasingly becoming a pretty cool person, we don't tune in to see happy people.  We want debauchery and deviancy.  It even feels like everyone is smoking less this season. Boo!  It speaks volumes when Pete Campbell is the most interesting character on the show.

I watched the first episode of Lena Dunham's much hyped new show Girls.  I have no idea who Lena Dunham is, but the internet really, really wants me to act like I do.  Judd Apatow produced this show about a bunch a girls (women, actually) living in New York City.  If the Y Generation drives you nuts then do not tune in.  What this show mostly does for me is make me thankful I'm not in my Twenties.  And not because these people have it hard.  On the contrary, it's their perception of the world around them that irritates.  Still, it's got some pretty good writing, and it's probably the first of its kind to center around a core group of female characters that aren't made up of silly caricatures.  It's worth a viewing just for the sake of discussion.

Everything else on TV is garbage. Just kidding.  No I'm not.  Yes I am.

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