Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jason Jetset

Dude on the train trying to convince his buddy to go to Russia for a week because the hookers are more attractive there.  Then I started thinking: I have never been out of this country (except for a couple trips into Windsor, Ontario, which doesn't really count because it's basically still Detroit). I don't even have a passport.  Gosh, where should I go?  There's so many places in Europe I'd love to see.  Getting a cup of coffee in Italy is on my list.  And renting a scooter and driving through some French countryside.  And having a beer in Germany and/or Ireland and/or Scotland.  And I heard the hookers in Russia are pretty hot.

Then there's Asia.  I had a fascination with India after reading Maugham's The Razor's Edge as a young college student.  I thought I'd do that someday, abandon everything and live in India for a spell.  (I did that, but kept it continental.)

Honestly though, I think I'd stick to the more tropical locales.  The Caribbean.  I just want to sit on a beach and do nothing except look out onto the ocean.  I guess I can do that continentally, too. Like Hemingway in the Keys.  Yeah, I think I need to be more like Ernest Hemingway.  Minus moving the Florida keys and committing suicide, I want to be Ernest Hemingway.  I'm gonna start working on that.  

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