Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Hockey

At the end of every NHL playoff game both teams formerly meet at center ice to shake hands.  No other sport does this.  Some football games end with random hand shakes and hugs among opponents, but it's not mandatory.  Poor sports and pissed off prima donas are free to escape into the locker room like bratty children.  Not in hockey.  In hockey the honor rules all.  Which is ironic given the large number of fights and rivalries during the game.

After last night's dramatic Capitals win over the reigning champion Boston Bruins the players lined up and shook each others hands.  Lynette saw this and asked, "What are they doing?"  I explained it to her and she said, "Okay, hockey just became my favorite sport."

Speaking of last night's amazing win, if you can't understand why hockey is awesome then you have no pulse.  Here's how it all ended last night:

However, the honor sometimes fails to rub off on the fans, who after last night's winning goal (scored by the Caps' lone black player) quicked tweeted sad, disgusting racist tirades.  Stay classy, Boston!

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