Thursday, April 5, 2012

Opening Day

Baseball is back.  It's opening day and my Nationals are in Chicago taking on my former favorite team the Cubs.  I can only imagine the glorious spectacle occurring in Wrigleyville today.  I'd love to be there eating a hot dog, drinking an Old Style, breathing in the ageless, urine soaked air of the Friendly Confines.  This year it's probably warm enough for the Chicago beauties to be wearing their spaghetti strap tank tops in the bleachers.  

Today should be a national holiday.  Opening Day.  Makes a hell of a lot more sense than Columbus Day.  (Y'all know the guy didn't actually "discover" "America," right?)  At least baseball is one of the only two things actually invented in America.  (The other being jazz.)  Opening Day should be a fanfare occasion. With parades and pageants.

Kiss me - I'm a baseball fan (t-shirt idea... patent pending)

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