Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Today's practical grammar lesson: Y'all.

One person is You.  Two to four people are Y'all.  More than four people are All y'all.

I ain't from this part of the country.  Personally, I find the lack of embracing pop near un-American, but I have picked up a few pieces of dialog to get me through the day. Trust me, this part of Virginia is not the South.  For that I have to drive about an hour or so west where Confederate flags fly on porches next to the discarded bath tubs. But there's a slight tinge of the south in the natives' voices.  It's hard to find considering the transient nature of this Washington DC region, but occasionally some cream rises to the top.

Yes, I'm speaking lovingly of what we northerners refer to as a "Southern accent."  I wish I had one.  Maybe I'll pretend to have one and freak out my Chicagoland family the next time they come visit for a spell.  "Ice tea, Pa?"  My new banjo affections help my cause.  Next: Git some overalls and start referring to everyone as Cousin.

Where do I buy overalls?

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ezabeta said...

Like any true Midwesterner (you will never escape) - you buy overalls at OshKosh B'Gosh.